How to embrace change and maximise tech investments

Driving technology adoption is one of the most crucial aspects of any new IT investment and which is why we’ve launched a new service which is proven to deliver dramatic results.

Pennine’s complete adoption solution is based on the Prosci ADKAR® Model that helps with change management and the implementation of new technologies such as Microsoft’s Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and Office 365 in an ever evolving workplace.

“The ADKAR Model is a research-based, individual change model that represents the five milestones an individual must achieve in order to change successfully. The ADKAR Model creates a powerful internal language for change and gives leaders a framework for helping people embrace and adopt changes,” says Steve Watts, Head of Pennine Sales.

ADKAR is an abbreviation of:

A         Awareness of the need for change

D         Desire to support the change

K         Knowledge of how to change

A         Ability to demonstrate new skills and behaviours

R         Reinforcement® to make the change stick

The new solution is an extension of Pennine’s renowned IT and communications portfolio that encompasses unified, mobile, radio, cloud and IT categories. Pennine is a silver partner of Microsoft and Skype for Business – further evidence of its growing industry stature. In addition Pennine has acquired the appropriate Prosci single user license (Prosci-Microsoft Partner Bundle) to apply the Prosci ADKAR Model and supporting tools.

Steve continued: “Because technology continues to change there are constantly new developments being brought into the market from industry giants such as Microsoft – around Unified Communications and greater levels of collaboration, for example. As technologies have emerged and converged in recent years, the lines between voice, data, video and other services have become blurred. Businesses today want integrated and innovative solutions that enable them to work smarter, allowing them to better connect, communicate and collaborate.

“New technology is designed to help a company move forward and become more efficient. But what is the impact on their bottom line? Prosci has conducted research with 4,500 organisations to understand the adoption process, including many Microsoft technology implementations. What they found was if you do not use adoption as part of the process the maximum return on investment is just 20% of what they perceived they would achieve. But if they did embrace adoption then it rocketed to a minimum of 80%. Depending on the size of the organisation the difference would run into millions of pounds, for an additional fraction of the overall costs.”

Steve emphasised how adoption needs to run throughout a whole company from the MD downwards. He concluded: “The key to a successful technology roll-out is communicating the benefits to the whole workforce  – as individuals and the company as a whole so that they use it, day-after-day. By embracing the proven methods of the Prosci ADKAR Model through Pennine, organisations are maximising their chances of success.”