Cloud computing enhancing productivity

& reducing business IT cost

Scalable and flexible virtual workspaces


Services provided by the cloud can make businesses run more smoothly, enable staff to be more productive, reduce operational costs and minimise environmental impact.

Pennine Cloud

Scalable and Flexible

Offering impressive scalability and flexibility, free from the burden of IT infrastructure costs, it’s no wonder cloud computing services are being increasingly embraced by business managers and owners.

A cloud computing server can offer so many benefits, from enhancing productivity, reducing cost and minimising environmental impact. Services provided by the cloud can make businesses run more smoothly, enable staff to be more productive, reduce operational costs and minimise environmental impact.

Collaboration is enhanced courtesy of hosted unified communications solutions

Files and documents can be shared and edited within virtual workspaces. Cloud business phone systems deliver reliable, resilient and feature-rich voice, video and messaging services. Cloud server storage is low cost yet secure, durable and offers access on demand. And by harnessing the power of the cloud disaster recovery becomes easier and quicker to manage.

Flexible approach

Access on demand utilising our secure and cost effective servers.

No capital expenditure

Remove the burden of management and IT infrastructure costs.

Embrace collaboration

Work effectively with virtual workspaces and document sharing.

Fully Managed Cloud Service

Our fully managed cloud service offers a complete end-to-end cloud solution, incorporating everything from user and application management, server infrastructure, connectivity and maintenance. It allows business of all sizes to securely convert their on-premise IT to the cloud cost effectively giving your business complete, virtual computing resources. Pennine provides all the network infrastructure, private servers, workspaces, security, training and maintenance. We effectively become your centralised IT department, allowing you to concentrate on running your business rather than managing your IT infrastructure.

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Unique Pennine Proposition

Pennine’s vast range of expertise means we can unify your cloud services with almost any end-to-end communication solution ranging from; Unified Communications, Office 365, Video Conferencing, business mobiles, Networking, Wi-Fi, Two Way radio and IT services.

Specialist Expertise

As a leading voice, data and communication business with a pedigree spanning over 40 years we have top specialist and engineering teams with years of experience who can design, implement and support bespoke solutions for your business to the highest professional standards

Secure Private Cloud

We provide a fully managed, highly secure and reliable tier 4 private cloud environment, it’s entirely your space and not shared with anyone else. It can be corporate branded too, extending your brand to all those accessing the workspaces and applications.

Virtual Servers

PennineCloud offer highly cost efficient virtual server solutions which can help your business be more responsive, resilient and productive, whilst cutting both your capital and operational expenditure.

Without physical constraints, virtual servers deliver unrestricted scalability with additional capacity able to be introduced as and when required.Services and benefits offered by PennineCloud virtual server solutions include:

A smoother experience

No need to purchase IT infrastructure

Offering a streamlined experience providing additional CPU, RAM and other resources, virtual servers host more responsive websites.

Virtual operating systems

Removing barriers

Don’t be tied to one operating system – run various virtual operating systems and software services.

Disaster recovery

Protect your business systems

Enhance disaster recovery – if one server fails, another steps in to protect business critical systems and data.


Flexible approach

Swiftly respond to the changing needs of your organisation, as and when required

Cut infrastructure costs

Minimise IT infrastructure

Reduce the requirement for physical servers and associated running costs.

Hybrid solutions

Best of both worlds

Combine public and private cloud systems with your traditional IT infrastructure for superior resilience and performance

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