Expand your collaboration with ‘guest access’ in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has recently added ‘guest access’ functionality to Office 365’s collaboration tool: Teams. This makes it the cross-application service that allows your workforce to collaborate effectively and securely with anybody they want.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a central hub for all your collaborative projects. It acts as a central collaboration workspace (similar to a social-media homepage) where selected colleagues within your organisation can access all the content, tools, conversations and files relevant to the project. As part of the Office 365 suite, Teams seamlessly integrates with SharePoint, Power BI, OneNote and Skype for Business easily making all assets available to those involved. Without doubt, Teams is a proven collaboration and project management tool and Microsoft’s latest announcement can only improve its usefulness.

What does Team’s guest access functionality mean?

With the added ‘Guest’ functionality you can now invite individuals who are outside of your organisation to view and engage in your Team projects and channels. This is a great way to involve key people, such as partners, consultants, vendors or suppliers whose input is beneficial or critical to a project’s success.

Currently external parties with access to Microsoft’s commercial cloud services or third-party Azure AD integrated apps can be added as a guest in Teams. However, Microsoft are looking to expand this ability to anybody with a Microsoft Account (which can be set up for free) soon.

As expected, guest access for Teams doesn’t compromise on security or compliancy. Guest accounts are added and securely managed with Azure AD, an enterprise-grade security and compliance assurance while IT departments have unparalleled manageability into the activities of guest users through reporting tools, as well as the ability to manage what actions guests can take.

This latest announcement for Microsoft Office 365 Teams is a welcomed edition and provides a new way for you and your workforce to safely share access with the people you want. Pennine can provide a demonstration of the brilliant functionality that comes with Microsoft Teams, Office 365 and Skype for Business, just call us today on 0161 763 2000.