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Got a great idea scribbled on scraps of paper? Or do you file your away your ideas in an orderly fashion? Whatever your style of note making, OneNote has you covered. You can type, write or even draw your ideas with the free form feel of pen to paper and search and clip from the web to picture ideas.

Collaborate with anyone, anywhere
Your team is conquering the idea of the century but you need to leave the office to travel to a business meeting by train. Close down your laptop after working on a project with your colleagues and continue to collaborate whilst commuting with your tablet or phone, immediately picking up where you left off. Simply stay on the same page and in sync wherever you are and on whatever device you are using.

Think with ink
Feeling creative? A stylus or fingertip is the only tool you need. Take handwritten notes and convert them to typed text later. Highlight what’s important and express ideas with colours or shapes.

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