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Fully Managed Private Cloud Service

Pennine’s VaultPro offers a complete end-to-end, private cloud solution allowing businesses of all sizes to migrate their data and IT infrastructure securely to the Cloud. VaultPro is entirely adaptable to your business’ needs. Whether you’re looking to convert your on-premise IT to the cloud, begin the cloud transition with a best-of-both hybrid solution or simply host your data and applications, our cloud solution is flexible to meet your needs.

Highly secure and easy to use, the VaultPro cloud platform has been specifically designed to remove any unnecessary IT costs from your business without compromising on quality, service, flexibility or accessibility. With 24/7 support and maintenance delivered by Pennine’s specialist engineers, VaultPro effectively becomes your centralised IT department.

With the potential to be coupled with Pennine’s Office 365, Skype for Business or UC solutions, VaultPro is a uniquely flexible tool that gives your business the reliability to grow and empowers your workforce to achieve their full potential.

Features of VaultPro:


VaultPro uses multi-point and multi-layered security to ensure all data is kept safe.

VaultPro is ISO 27001 regulated, with Tier 4 specification data centres located worldwide and 24/7 on-site security. Access to your private cloud server is safe and easy for your administrative personnel but completely off-limits to all others. With a range of distinct and redundant security systems to ensure complete protection of your information and data, your individual computing systems, applications and data are further safeguarded by several tiers of their own comprehensive security features.

Connect from anywhere

Low broadband requirements mean all software, files and data are available for users no matter their location or device

The VaultPro Web Portal can be accessed from any device supporting HTML5 including any mobile device, tablet, desktop, laptop or terminal on Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux and Android operating systems.

Private Cloud Server

Access to your own, private cloud server space means complete control

Unlike other Cloud offerings, Pennine’s VaultPro can deliver a fully managed private cloud service. With your own personal cloud space there is no need to monitor server space or deploy users and IT staff to fix issues. Automated task and unique scripting from the management console gives you complete control and ensures reduced downtime and negates the need for a dedicated IT team.

Personalised and Easy-to-use Interface

Intuitive and simple, corporate branded user interface for staff and admin users

The VaultPro Suite requires no prior IT knowledge and the management interface is intuitive and easy-to-use. Users and new-starters can easily be set-up and have instant access to all programs, including mailboxes and apps without lengthy set-up or install times. Incorporate customised branding so your private cloud shares your corporate look and feel.

Reduce infrastructure costs

Simple pricing model allows you flexible OPEX pricing

Giving you a daily breakdown of each users individual use and each GB of storage taken allows you complete control over how your system is being used. Coupling our Cloud offering with other subscription based solutions such as Office365, Skype for Business or Avaya in the Cloud means you can maximise your private cloud by incorporating additional applications and solutions.

Automatic Back-up and Updates

Get automatic data back-up and updates

VaultPro takes hourly snapshots of all hosted data, which are backed-up every 24 hours and securely held for 14 days. This ensures if an issue does arise, all your files and data can be easily restored with minimum loss. VaultPro will automatically update to the latest software and security features (alongside any other hosted apps such as Office 365) ensuring your staff are getting the best from their apps and the highest security.

Flexible and Scalable

Be prepared for periods of growth or rapid expansion as and when you need it

VaultPro’s subscription based OPEX model allows you to simply add users or storage when you need it. Administrators have the power to easily set up new users giving them instant access to apps, files and mailboxes.

Why Pennine?

Exceptional customer loyalty

High level of service with many of our clients taking advantage of our ability to handle a broad range of business communication requirements to offer standalone and integrated solutions which benefit from an extensive range of support services, including 24/7/365 packages available.

We take pride in what we do

We provide our staff with extensive training and development support to ensure that the expertise of our experienced engineers underpins every solution we provide.

We offer an impressive trading pedigree

With over 40 years’ experience in business communications and, as a Skype for Business partner, are a trusted supplier offering UC expertise backed by a commitment to always delivering the highest standards of service excellence.

We’re here to support you every step of the way

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