The Modern Meeting

The Modern Meeting Room

Every organisation has meetings, they always will – it’s a fundamental means in progressing projects, building relationships and developing business growth.

Today’s meetings come in multiple formats, face to face, round a table, audio conference and video calls and, more often now, a combination of all the above with the influx of remote and flexible working.

Be honest, could your meetings be more effective or more modern? How can Modern Meetings change the way we meet, drive efficiency and cut costs? In a modern, connected, world real-time communication applications can bring teams together in an instant, regardless where people are located or what device they are using.

Organising a meeting:
Meeting organisers can see the availability of their colleagues, instantly invite them to meetings. How many meetings have you attended where the input of someone else would have proved valuable? Instead the meeting ends, is re-convened for a later date with the additional attendee ultimately delaying the progress of the project. Why not bring the additional person straight into your meeting (subject to their availability) in real-time, closing the meeting with the required outcome, instantly progressing the project and saving everyone’s time.

Meeting Notes:
Circulation of notes or minutes post meeting often means someone, or a number of people, typing up their handwritten notes and sharing, using up valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere. The same real-time concepts apply to note/minute taking.  Notes can be taken and shared instantly with meeting attendees, either as typed text into a laptop, using ‘Ink’ on a touch screen device and converting ‘Ink’ to text (results subject to handwriting standards!) or even dictating straight into a document (speech to text).

Everyone is invited:
Effectively every desk becomes a VC unit that can be connected to traditional VC rooms or huddle spaces.  Using familiar applications that users use in their day to day life ensures ease of joining meetings and that meetings start, and finish, in time and on time.  No longer do meetings get delayed due to staff being unfamiliar with the VC equipment they rarely use or struggling to connect with each other!

Collaboration and content sharing in meetings is simplified, a single version of a document is securely stored in the cloud and shared between the team, this single document can be accessed, amended by all attendees, in real-time (co-authored) and saved, cutting down on post meeting actions, saving time on waiting for responses and co-ordinating feedback.

These are just a few of my experiences with modern meetings, I am sure there are many more scenarios and use cases where the modern meeting can prove beneficial.

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