6 Top Tips on using your mobile phone overseas

Yes it’s the time of the year we all look forward to, our holidays. Bags packed with sun cream and your funky holiday swimwear and of course your mobile phone ready for those ubiquitous selfies.

Stop ……. have you got a roaming bundle? If not you are likely to arrive back in the UK and boom a huge mobile bill drops through your letterbox, or more embarrassingly, you get called in to your Finance Director’s office to explain the overspend!

The good news is that roaming, especially in the EU, is now a lot cheaper due to EU member states agreeing maximum data limits and the amount of money that can be charged for using mobile services abroad. However you can help yourself by taking sensible precautions.

Here are some simple steps we can recommend when using your mobile phone abroad:

  1. Turn off data roaming to avoid costly downloads
  2. Most hotels and restaurants now have acceptable wi-fi, so ask for that all important wi-fi password at reception or search your smartphone for wi-fi networks
  3. Restrict background apps running
  4. Plan ahead and download your music, films, games and books over wi-fi before you travel
  5. Buy a local in-country sim card, yes it’s a change of number but it will be a lot cheaper than using roaming
  6. Do you really need to talk to friends and family whilst you are on holiday? Text messaging is much cheaper and using messaging apps over wifi is free.

PennineMobile have a whole range of roaming minutes and data bundles to suit your overseas trip, whether it’s business or pleasure.

Don’t get burnt with a mobile bill holiday nightmare … Enjoy your trip and be phone safe!