Best Mobile Phone Solutions for your business

Greater Manchester’s Chamber of Commerce has around 4,500 members and a large force of fieldworkers who are continually away from their desks visiting those members and potential clients. By using PennineMobile the Chamber’s workforce is able to function seamlessly, never missing a call or voicemail when they’re away from the main office.

With PennineMobile, each worker has one number for both their fixed desk phone and mobile. This means mobile workers are contactable at all times, in the office or on the road, never missing calls, leaving voicemails waiting, and avoiding the confusion of having multiple contact numbers.

PennineMobile can provide a bespoke solution and tariff that saves you money from the start. And by combining traditional telephony with mobile fleets like the GM Chamber you can avoid the tangle of multiple network providers.

Don’t just take our word for it; listen to Chris Fletcher, Policy and Marketing Director at the GM Chamber talk about how Pennine helped them work smarter and more efficiently.

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