Introducing our new Mobile Sales Executive

Who is Christopher Bamber? Who is Pennine’s new Mobile Sales Executive? For those close to me, they will tell you that my passion is Business, well… after Football. Growing up a keen footballer (as many often do) my dream was to play football and become the ‘next big thing’. However, like many youngsters, it didn’t work out – up step the world of Business.

Finding a new career path is never easy when you have put all of your ‘eggs into one basket’ so to speak. Eight years ago, I found myself in a new mobile sales role, where I felt completely out of my comfort zone and doing something I had no knowledge about. Time, patience and many hours dedicated to learning seem to have paid off as now I couldn’t be more comfortable in the Business and Mobile world. I was drawn to Pennine due to the opportunity to really drive forward their Mobile sector, as if it was my own. Being able to work for a company that not only seemed like a great place to work in regards to the role, but also to be part of the ‘family’ that seemed to be well established within this fantastic business.

From being here in the first few weeks, those views are now even more cemented.I now have the ability and privilege to help educate and change customer’s lives through Mobile technology on a daily basis. For me, the whole process is about educating customers and enhancing their experience. Coming off the back of eight years’ Mobile consumer sales, I now find myself in a strong position to be able to pass my experiences and knowledge onto you.

What I have learnt over the years is that Mobile technology is continually changing and advancing. When I first began in the industry the mobile choice was ‘Which Nokia would you like?’ These simply made calls and text and you could, of course, play the revolutionary game Snake.

Now with the ever rapid adoption of smart phones (iPhone/Android), businesses are more mobile than ever. It is essential for employees to be able to access their emails whilst on the move, keep their calendars up to date and have the ability to join conference calls on the go. Access to the Cloud now gives secure file-sharing abilities between employees regardless of location while responding instantly to customer’s queries on Social Media has never been more important.

Pennine Telecom, have given me a great opportunity to work within their fabulous company and really drive forward their Mobile reach. Let the journey begin…