Case Studies


Mobile contract sweeps up savings for Cormar Carpets

Pennine has pulled the rug on inflexible mobile contracts for one of the UK’s leading carpet manufacturers – and swept it up savings of nearly 25 percent!

The company retained the mobile contract of Bury-based Cormar Carpets following a three-way pitch after demonstrating how its costs could be cut and increased flexibility be delivered to precisely meet its needs.

Cormar’s IT manager Steve Haworth picks up the story. “We had a contract for over 100 numbers and quite diverse requirements among our users,” he says. “It was particularly important that the contract was tethered to the needs of Cormar, that we were put in a position of flexibility, because we had big changes afoot and didn’t want to be left high and dry mid-term.”

Those big changes would affect the structure of the transport and distribution department and Pennine thus recommended breaking up what was previously one big corporate account so that transport staff went onto rolling rather than fixed term contracts. The solution went further though with close examination of Cormar’s varied usage and existing call plans yielding both further flexibility and significant cost savings.

“Our business is quite seasonal which can result in peak months for mobile usage. We wanted to ensure that we didn’t incur any extra charges in those months whilst at the same time putting too much fat in the contract which we weren’t using most other months. It was about striking a balance and I’ve got to say Pennine were excellent in the modelling of our figures,” explains Mr. Haworth. “In the end they secured us like-for-like savings of nearly a quarter on what is not an insignificant spend.”

Flexibility was also delivered on handsets, another important issue for a company with varying needs. Rather than simply going for the traditional new handsets upon renewal, Pennine suggested an option of receiving rebates. Cormar could then use those rebates to fund its own choice of handsets to meet the varied needs of its workforce. “We don’t now have a standard handset offering but do it on a ‘best fit’ basis to match the diverse requirements of each individual. It is important for example that email-capable handsets were supplied for users who were not desk-bound” confirms Mr. Haworth.

Pennine also went the extra mile when Cormar encountered Bluetooth incompatibility problems on existing handsets after it upgraded its car fleet. “Many of our mobile users are in company vehicles and the availability of their mobile can often be business critical in ensuring orders are efficiently processed to the high standards our customers expect.”

We were drawing blanks internally and so we handed it over to Pennine and they did the research, contacting various manufacturers and so on. They supported us through that difficult time, establishing there were no known incompatibilities and then giving us loan kit on sale or return so we could test it before rolling it out. That meant we didn’t have to make what could have been quite an expensive blunder.”