Why you should embrace Mobile Device Management in your organisation

Many organisations don’t understand the benefits that Mobile Device Management (MDM) can bring to an organisation. MDM is security software that secures, monitors, manages and supports mobile devices belonging to an organisation or their employees. Whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet or even wearable devices, employees use them to access company data more easily than ever before.  As companies strive to achieve a balance enabling employees to be more productive whilst being mobile, ensuring that your company data is secure is critical. Using MDM software and managed IT support services is a great way to securely keep control of who has access to your network.

Every organisation can benefit from an MDM solution, from large enterprises with dedicated IT teams to smaller businesses with limited resources, a mobile fleet really is much less complex to manage than you might think.

Imagine a device is lost or stolen, immediately creating the risk of sensitive company data falling into the wrong hands, with an MDM solution this risk is quickly and effectively removed as devices can be wiped remotely. With the introduction of GDPR earlier this year, if situations like this occur, you could face extraordinary fines for not keeping your data secure. Companies need to utilise a trusted enterprise management solution that makes working in a mobile word simpler and safer.

Devices without MDM have increased exposure to malware and other potentially harmful viruses that could compromise classified data. These attacks and viruses could cause irreversible damage to a company’s reputation in both the eyes of your customers, business partners and competitors.

Additional benefits of Mobile Device Management

  • MDM saves IT and admin teams time and money through greater efficiency
  • Backup/restore functionality of corporate data with logging and reporting keeps you compliant with data regulations
  • Fully managed, cloud-based solution with 24/7 monitoring and automatic updates
  • Geofencing to restrict access to specific data and applications based on location and blacklist/whitelist disables unauthorized applications and devices
  • Customisable options allow you to integrate your brand identity
  • Some top MDM solutions integrate mobile security and expense management in one product
  • Scalable solution allowing for new users and new devices at any time

Mobile devices in the workplace are here to stay so it’s important to develop a plan to manage these devices before problems arise, particularly when you factor in recent regulations when it comes to customer data. Ensuring company data is secure and compliant is essential, a MDM solution is an easy to use, affordable and efficient way to manage your fleet of mobile devices that saves your IT teams time and money.