Extend network coverage of your business mobiles

A simple bolt-on that frees business mobile phone users from the limitations of their network provider has been a signal success for PennineMobile.

The MultiNet application works by responding to loss of signal on a user’s primary network by seeking out the strongest available signal offered in that location from among the four leading providers. Supplied as an optional bolt-on to a business class network, MultiNet helps improve productivity by ensuring staff are better placed to make and receive calls and access their voicemail.

“The power and simplicity of MultiNet has impressed business owners and managers of mobile fleets,” commented Steve Tipper, Mobile Business Manager at Pennine. “Loss of signal remains one of the great irritants for business mobile users and highlights the weakness of reliance on a single network. MultiNet addresses that weakness by enabling business mobile fleets to benefit from the combined reach of the leading network providers and minimising the possibility of signal loss.

“Better still, it’s a simple SIM bolt-on, it does so without requiring users to use multiple SIM cards, the accompanying billing headaches and costs they bring. “

PennineMobile added MultiNet to its product portfolio in July, its launch being warmly welcomed by managers and business owners keen to be free of single network limitations and to ensure users of company mobiles can be more responsive and productive.

The application is compatible with all business mobiles and available with subscription to any PennineMobile tariff.