Case Studies


Haulier takes fast route to major mobile savings

When its fleet mobile contract came up for renewal leading haulier Fagan & Whalley followed the PennineMobile route to take a short cut to massive savings.

Driving a good deal on its mobile communications was paramount to haulier Fagan & Whalley which needs to maintain constant contact with its 150 vehicles as they navigate UK and European highways.

Price was clearly a key factor for commercial director Stephen Fagan – but so also was service which is why, as well as the incumbent provider, he invited PennineMobile, a division of Pennine, to pitch for the business. “Having had Pennine handle our internal telephone system we knew we would at least invite them to quote for the mobile contract, just because the service on the landlines was so good,” he enthuses.

As a result PennineMobile conducted a thorough audit of Fagan & Whalley’s mobile usage covering all 168 of its handsets and analysing nearly 10,000 records to identify possible savings. Having crunched the numbers Pennine put forward a recommendation to switch to the PennineMobile sharer 10000 tariff with PennineMobile Sharer SIMs bolstered where needed by monthly 500MB data bolt-ons. The drivers’ SIMs were to be installed within Proteo FleetMetrik telematics devices which transmits data back to Fagan & Whalley’s fleet management team. “We needed a SIM that was capable of sending data to the office such as vehicle location, idling, over-revving, harsh braking, basically (what a driver’s doing) how the vehicle and driver are performing at a particular time,” he explains. “We also need to be able to send drivers all the jobs for vehicle, (what they’ve got to do for the day) and get data updates back from the driver.”

That audit process was, says Stephen Fagan, totally painless. “It was very smooth. We just sent Pennine our online account details for our existing provider and that was it. There was very little work needed from our end as Pennine only needed to get back in touch to put forward their proposal.”

That proposal, which Fagan & Whalley accepted in full, also recommended convergence of the haulier’s mobile and fixed lines into a single “on network” package to help reduce costs. This was to be achieved through introducing additional SIP trunks to the existing internal direct dial telephone system. “Because our landlines are all with Pennine we get free calls from mobiles to our fixed lines,” explains Stephen Fagan. “That’s a significant benefit because 150 of our mobiles sit in trucks and now the drivers can call in without it costing us. It’s just like they’re making an internal call.”

Whilst clearly particularly happy with the service he continues to receive from Pennine, working in an industry as ferociously competitive as Road Haulage, Mr Fagan was also keeping a keen eye on the bottom line. “As a result of switching to PennineMobile we’re looking at savings of 30-40 percent,” he reports. With a total of over 210 voice and data connections being handled over the PennineMobile network that percentage saving translates into forecast annual cost reductions approaching £20,000.

Those savings may be added to those already achieved following Pennine’s 2011 upgrade of Fagan & Whalley’s fixed line telephony. This saw an ageing Avaya INDeX 200 telephone system replaced with the cutting-edge Avaya IP Office 500 with the potential savings again identified through a thorough audit making the upgrade self-financing, especially when coupled to the Coventry Depot Upgrade. Indeed a post installation analysis of telephony costs carried out by Fagan & Whalley revealed significant annual savings of had been achieved.