Why PennineMobile’s new MultiNet service could be the way forward for your business

Have you ever been out and lost signal while on a call? Perhaps there’s a certain room in your home or office you know to avoid if you’re waiting for a call. Maybe a lot of your customers are away from the main city hubs, or you spend a lot of time on the train, moving from location to location. Many networks claim excellent coverage but population coverage isn’t the same as geographical coverage and getting the best possible mobile signal regardless of your location is important for any business that utilises mobile workers. Being able to connect with clients and colleagues no matter where you are can be the factor that raises you above the competition.

This is why PennineMobile have introduced their new MultiNet bolt-on. We focus on building a mobile package with the business user in mind. This means ensuring the best possible coverage regardless of location. Now there’s no need for multiple provider contracts, with the MultiNet service your SIM automatically picks up the strongest available mobile network should your primary network not be available. This provides better coverage than any single network, effectively giving you the power of 4 major networks with one SIM. That’s great for making sure you aren’t missing your customer’s calls.

We’ve ripped up the rule book and made mobiles truly mobile. PennineMobile offer the flexibility and quality of service you’ve come to expect as we celebrate our 40th year in business. Say goodbye to those signal blackspots and stay connected, in control, and ahead of the competition by utilising your mobile fleet.

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