Case Studies


Recruitment specialist Morson appoints Pennine to mobile role

The Client:

Established in 1969, Morson Group is a global technical recruitment specialist and provider of engineering and design solutions.

From its Salford headquarters and through an international network of offices and niche subsidiaries, it serves a broad range of engineering and manufacturing sectors, IT, cyber, professional services and telecoms industries.

The Challenge:

As its existing contract with one of the UK’s major mobile network operators approached expiry, Morson was looking to upgrade its fleet of 319 handsets and mobile device management.

The company was more than satisfied with the network performance of the incumbent supplier but had issues with the quality of some of its account management services.

“We had benefited quite significantly from the strength of that particular network,” confirmed Morson’s IT Engineer Ged Jones. “That network operator had also offered us a really good deal when we previously switched from one of the other major networks,” he recalls. “However, they were then bought out and we suffered quite a few account management issues.”

Once bitten, he was more cautious on renewal to ensure that quality of service was high on the agenda.

“With this upgrade we wanted to make sure we had the right level of service and support so we could deal with any teething problems.”

Jones therefore put the three-year contract out to tender and around 15 networks and telecom suppliers bid for the business.

The successful bidder needed to match network performance, be price competitive and, crucially, offer the service excellence Morson demanded to better manage and control its mobile fleet.

“After our previous experiences and having suffered service issues we were a lot wiser this time around,” says Jones of the latest tender process.  

… Pennine service has been great.


The Solution

The fact that Morson was both familiar and highly content with the performance of its existing network was acknowledged by the solution Pennine Mobile proposed.

This involved retaining that network but with billing and account management handled through Pennine. In addition Pennine was able to match the tariffs which the network’s direct sales operation had offered to Morson.

This meant that the solution would be cost neutral in maintaining network performance, but offer added value through the provision of highly responsive account management services.

Pennine also recommended adoption of IBM Maas Mobile Device Management (MDM) to enable effective control and management of the handset fleet. Whilst majoring on Samsung A5 smartphones, this also incorporated Apple iPhones for more senior staff.

The Benefits

Having won the business, Pennine successfully deployed and implemented all 319 within just a week, including the allocation of MDM licenses. It was an extremely timely and smooth transition.

“Pennine’s service has been great” enthuses Jones, summing up what for him was the key benefit he sought – and that was so clearly delivered.

“For example, Pennine were on hand to help us understand the MDM which was new to us.”

That powerful IBM software package enables the remote management of monitoring of devices, including the mass deployment of apps and security updates. It can also facilitate collaborative working through the secured sharing of content and offers encrypted data protection.

But it’s the level of service Pennine is providing to which Jones constantly returns. This is crucial because if an issue arises, he needs prompt and effective advice as the staff that rely on him and effective mobile communications are often out on the road.”

“I get the customer support I need from Pennine, there’s always someone available to help,” he concludes.