Freedom to roam

MultiNet – The best possible connection with 4 networks on 1 sim card

Wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically switch between networks to benefit from the best available connection? You can with MultiNet.

Compatible with any mobile handset, MultiNet connects by default to your primary network, but when your primary network struggles with mobile coverage, MultiNet switches to the strongest available network. That means you and your staff can get more done as they’re able to make and receive more calls and reduce reliance on voicemail.

Unconstrained by a single network’s boundaries you get more mobile coverage for less cost.

Benefit from the best available connection with MultiNet


4 networks on 1 sim card

MultiNet provides you with four networks on one sim card so there is no need for additional SIM cards or multiple operator agreements

Combined reach

Multiple mobile networks

Allows you to benefit from the combined reach of multiple mobile operators, without enduring multiple billing and inflated costs

MultiNet bolt-on

A simple bolt-on to your contract

MultiNet is offered as a simple bolt-on to a dedicated business class network

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