Teleware Call Recording

Record all business communications wherever your workers are

Teleware is Pennine’s call recording solution that enables your business to record both inbound and outbound communications. Whether the need to record calls is for training, governance, productivity purposes or compliance with MiFID II or FCA regulations, we have a range of user-friendly and bespoke solutions that are easy to implement, manage and access.

With Teleware you can record multiple types of communications including fixed-line, mobile VoIP and SMS including Skype for Business. Using the unique Call Recording Interface, administrators can easily retrieve all recordings, and access replay functions, analytics and archived files.

SIM-based mobile voice and SMS recording

On Demand Recording

Choose which calls to record, meaning important information isn’t missed

GSM based

Will work in the absence of data and/or wi-fi

No Disruption to Productivity

No maintenance or timely software upgrades

Meet Regulatory Requirements

SMS and call recordings are stored to meet regulatory requirements

Seamless Transition

Existing mobile numbers can be retained

Secure Cloud Storage

Stored in TeleWare cloud with ISO27001 certification and automatic deletion periods.

We’re here to support you every step of the way

Re:Call App

Web Based Storage

All recordings are stored in one central web based recordings portal

Android and iOS Compatible

The app works with any Android (6 and above) and iOS (10 and above) smartphone

Catergorise Calls

Provides a means of separating business and personal calls

An Evergreen Solution

Upgrades are applied automatically with no user impact

Simplified User Experience

The user interface is no different to the user’s native dialler

Regulatory Compliance

Call recordings are stored to meet regulatory requirements

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