The Evolution of Mobile…

As mentioned in my past blog ‘Introducing the new Mobile Sales Executive’ long gone are the days of using our phones to make calls, texts and play the revolutionary ‘Snake’. A statistic I read not so long back really stood out to me; there are now more mobiles in the UK than people. Even more telling is a recent study carried out found that more people would rather lose their wallet than their mobile. This shows just how important that little device in our pocket now is to how we go about everyday life. Ask yourself the question, could you live without your mobile? How much of your day depends on that little power rocket in your pocket?

We had the ‘golden generation’ of mobile; The Motorola RAZR, Nokia N70 & Nokia 8800 – these phones were often seen as the stylish ‘must have’ business phone. The latter especially, a stainless steel piece of beauty that draws inspiration from the very successful slide-phones of pre-2005. The Nokia 8800 featured a 1.7” display and an SVGA camera; its colour display also sports 256K colours. ‘Ground-breaking’ for the time, but a far cry from today’s 16 million standard on phones. Not only have the looks of mobile phones changed over the recent years, their functionality has too; ‘smart’ processors, RAM for storage and with the introduction of apps, the importance of mobile has never been more useful for business users.

As technology and times have passed, the impossible has become possible on mobile. Restrictions of mobile signal used to be the big fear of making business calls on the move and you simply couldn’t rely on your signal strength to see you through that all important call. That’s why PennineMobile now offers the revolutionary MultiNet, where you can now roam between 4 networks with just ONE sim card! Goodbye all barriers to doing business on the move! Being able to connect and do business on the move, without that worry of signal failure. Businesses such as haulage and transport companies can now have drivers on the go with access to network signal up and down the country, meaning the lone worker can now respond and be contactable on the go with no restrictions. Engineering companies who find themselves moving sites and between jobs can now have signal on those sites, resulting in more business and being more proactive without the painful restrictions on network signal.

Possibilities with your mobile are now endless, businesses especially now depend on their mobile more than ever. The power of email on the move, the ability to communicate whilst moving around the country, even the world, has never been more important. Whether it be travelling on the train or tube or stuck in your car on the M6, having the ability to just pull out your mobile device and keep up to date with your business, be it sales or customer service, but more importantly now have signal when doing so through networks such as MultiNet.

Monday morning arrives, imagine you have a conference call to chair – long gone are the days where you must be in the office to do this. Through mobile, VoIP & other digital products, the ways we can communicate offer a much more varied range. The introduction of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Snapchat means that a variety of business can communicate with their social media audiences in a much more productive way, to promote their business and their products. Around 2% of businesses currently use the App, Snapchat, to promote their business but with 150 Million snapchat users a day, the audience to reach is becoming ever more present and businesses now find themselves integrating these into their marketing strategy.

As technology moves on, the demand and need for mobile will become more important, taking an ever leading role in the way we go about our business.