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Safe & secure two way radio solutions

Our roots lie in radio. Pennine was formed as a Motorola two way radio service specialist over 40 years ago and has since built an enviable and unrivalled reputation for our expertise in business radio systems. It is this very experience that positions us as a leader and pioneer of the very latest business radio solutions.

Efficiency, productivity and safety are vital to organisations which is why our expertise in two way radio solutions is exploited by some of the UK’s most prestigious Blue Chip companies, SMEs, local authorities and public sector organisations. They benefit not just from our professional advice and expertise but the finest two way radio solutions from leading manufacturers including Hytera, Motorola, Tait and Zetron.

Whether you are choosing a new business radio system, upgrading or expanding an existing infrastructure or seeking short or long term radio hire, you’ll find Pennine can deliver your requirements. We offer professional consultancy, system design, project management, installation, commission, maintenance and repair services for two way radio products.

The new generation of digital radio systems offer impressive flexibility and functionality, with features that can significantly ease and enhance the efficiency, safety and management of workforces

Over 40 years experience

We are proud of our enviable and unrivalled reputation for our expertise in business radio systems. Our accredited engineers have a wealth of experience in the radio sector.

Professional Service

We offer professional consultancy, system design, project management, installation, commission, maintenance and repair services for two way radio solutions.

Choose the right option

Impressively flexible PennineRadio offers purchase, managed service and both short and long term two way radio hire – all you have to do is decide which option suits you best.

Lone Worker

Radio users working alone

Ideal for radio users working on their own or in a vulnerable environment – lone worker provides improved safety and security for personnel and is activated when the user does not interact with their radio for a pre-set period of time.

Man Down

Manage the welfare of workers working in isolation

If you have remote workers working in isolation, how do you manage their welfare should an accident or incident take place? Man down provides you with peace of mind as the radio will automatically send an alarm to the control room should it move from the vertical upright position, thus identifying that the radio user may have fallen or needs assistance. As the radio detects non-movement from the vertical position an alert beep is initially given to provide the user with the opportunity to disable the alert. If the user does not respond to the alert then an alarm is sent to the control room so that assistance can immediately be organized.

GPS Tracking

Pinpoint movement of workers

GPS tracking allows organizations to remotely and accurately pinpoint and monitor the location and movement of workers, vehicles and business assets in real-time. Routes can be viewed, GeoFencing set up and radio movements logged using a configurable set of rules. GPS technology may also be complemented by the use of beacons and iBeacons which enable location tracking indoors.

Job Ticketing

Allocate tasks using your radio network

Efficiently allocate tickets and audit tasks using the radio network by simply creating, assigning and monitoring tickets for tasks. The radio user can accept or decline the task by simply pushing a button on the two way radio.


Streamline management

Take control by streamlining the management of remote equipment or areas centrally from a control room and receive automatic notifications with telemetry integration.

Alarm Monitoring

Real-time alarm alerts

Speed up your response to business critical events by integrating your alarms to your existing radio system. Real-time alarm alerts detailing the location and additional information are automatically sent to the relevant radio-user allowing them to respond quickly to the incident.

Telephone Interconnect

Make & receive calls

Increase your levels of communication and bridge the communication gap between your two way radio and telephone users by simply providing the ability to make and receive calls between radios and telephones.

Voice Recording

Voice recording for critical communications

For those environments where communications need to be recorded, whether for strategic, reporting or training purposes, then continuous voice recording of all calls may be the solution. Providing playback for analysis and audit files stored on the radio server and dispatcher.

Which solution is best for me?

Two Way Radio Solutions

Unrivalled experience and expertise

We offer unrivalled experience and expertise in the design, installation, maintenance and servicing of sophisticated two way radio solutions – backed by an extensive and highly responsive technical support

Digital Two Way Radio

The latest generation of digital radio systems

Crystal clear audio transmissions coupled with impressive functionality which can significantly enhance productivity, safety and security.


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Wide-Area Solutions

Multiple sites – we’ve got you covered

Supported by expert advice from PennineRadio your organisation can benefit from a business radio system covering local, regional, national and international sites.


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Multi-Site Solutions

Implemented within a single structure

Modern two way radio systems offer communication without constraint, with multi-site solutions that can be implemented within a single structure, wider complex or locations right across the globe.


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Command & Control Solutions

Multi-channel and multi-position

Embracing conventional, trunked, analogue, SIP and digital two way radio communications, we offer intelligently designed scalable multi-channel, multi-position command and control solutions which provide efficient management, monitoring and logging of despatches.


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Efficient use of radio channels

A radio trunking system is ideal for serving larger numbers of users, wide areas and multi-site operations, making it the primary choice of the emergency services and local authorities.


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Portering Solutions

Efficient allocation and performance monitoring

PennineRadio is experienced in the design and implementation of hospital task management systems enabling swift and targeted allocation of jobs by text to an appropriate member of staff, either directly from a ward or a departmental PC.


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