Co-Channel becomes Pennine’s South West hub

Co-Channel becomes Pennine's South West hub

Co-Channel becomes Pennine’s South West hub

In February 2017 Pennine acquired Co-Channel to create a two-way radio specialist office in the south west.

Working alongside Pennine’s national PennineRadio division, the Bristol office is a regional technical and sales support hub and strengthens the expertise of our engineering teams.

Co-Channel’s  well-respected business and technical excellence is facilitating further growth and provides us with additional resource with which to service our existing client base in the region.

Two Way Radio and Microwave Links Solutions

Two-Way Radio

Long established business two way radio experts.

Digital Two-Way Radio

The latest generation of two radios and powerful applications

Command & Control Systems 

Secure communications for critical environments

Digital Trunked Two-Way Radio Systems 

Serving larger numbers of users, wide areas and multi-site operations

Multi-Site Radio systems 

Site solutions that can be implemented within a single structure, wider infrastructure or across the globe.

Wide Area Two-Way Radio Systems

Sophisticated digital trunked solutions with no geographic limits

Two-Way Radio Hire

Fast and flexible short and long-term business radio hire solutions

Two-Way Radio Applications 

Improve safety and workflows with powerful productivity enhancing apps

Microwave and Point to Point

Deliver VoIP, data and video to sites 100’s metres or up to 10km away

Bristol Area Radio Net

Two way radio coverage across Bristol, Bath and Cardiff

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