Constant Challenge is Powering Job Satisfaction

Constant Challenge is Powering Job Satisfaction

Philip West, two-way radio technical consultant at Avoira, says constant challenges at the evolving Hinkley Point C site make an engineer’s role all the more rewarding

What makes for a great job?

OK, we all have bills to pay, mouths to feed, so the size of that monthly pay cheque – well BACS transfer these days – is obviously important.

But if you’re going to spend five of your seven days at the metaphorical coalface, you need more than money to motivate you.

If you don’t enjoy your job, it’s hard to enjoy life.

Delivering job satisfaction should be high on an employer’s to-do list – and a commitment to doing so, something prospective employees should also prioritise when job-hunting.

Providing ongoing training and support so an employee can confidently fulfil their role should be a given. Ditto a career development path.

Sometimes though it’s the role itself and what it demands that can provide the greatest stimulation.

Avoira currently has a specialist team serving EDF Energy staff and its key contractors at the Hinkley Point C site. It’s an extraordinary project which is providing extraordinary challenges.

It’s Europe’s largest construction site and, as this £18 billion project progresses, the scale and nature of communication needs changes.

Thus far much of the work has taken place some 30m below ground level. However, the recent completion of the base for the first of two huge nuclear reactors means construction work building back up to ground level is now fast gathering speed.
To give you some idea of scale, some 54 tower cranes will be in operation, complemented by the world’s largest, nicknamed on site as Big Carl.

The evolving landscape means our engineers are continually challenged. They need to deliver effective two-way radio communications underground, over ground, indoor and outdoor.

At the core of our operation is a Hytera multi-channel Tier III trunked radio network. We’ve also supplied nearly 2500 Hytera PD785G digital mobile radios, complimented by 800 Tait digital tier II radios specifically for crane lifting operations.

As construction progresses, our team needs to adapt that network to best serve the thousands of workers – currently 4,000, peaking at 5,600 – on site.

Our Engineers need to react swiftly to find and rectify any faults. That could mean checking out a base station repeater at our dedicated radio site complete with 40m mast, or scaling 30 or 40 metres up one of those tower cranes.

They need to keep all that infrastructure and subscriber kit in excellent working order, day-in-day out for the remaining years of our seven-year managed service contract.

For all our engineers, every day is different and every role satisfying.

Hinkley Point C is an extraordinary example, but we have engineers the length and breadth of the country working for a diverse range of clients, each with their own specific communication needs.

That could be Manchester City’s medical team, Sodexo at NHS hospitals, Bristol Airport or a high school in Bolton.

The variety of challenges, the learning experiences, the training and career development – the keys to that much sought-after job satisfaction – are all there for the taking.*

It’s one of the many things that makes me proud to work for Avoira and, yes, satisfied with my job.

* Yes, the monthly BACS transfer too!
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