Five benefits a modern E-Portering solution can bring to your hospital

With ever increasing demands on the NHS, the continued drive for efficiency and cost saving is leading many hospitals to look at new fully mobilised task-management, E-Portering solutions.  These can streamline and enhance the smooth running of portering and departmental tasks. At Pennine we aim to highlight a few of the benefits E-Portering systems can bring to the efficient operation of a typical hospital porterage service:

Digital task management for Wards and Departments: Allow requestors the ability to book jobs and monitor progress directly from Ward and Departmental PC’s, mobile and smart devices. This saves time and phone calls to already busy Help Desks.

Live Management Data and Reporting:  View and export full reports and statistics complete with date and time stamping allowing for easy analysis and trend spotting.

Fast and easy task allocation and response: Allocate work to the closest porter or those with the correct specialisation for the task. Job progress can be acknowledged and updated by single button commands for better time management and tracking.

Increased patient confidentiality: Deliver job instructions directly to porters’ smart device or two way radios in text form increasing patient confidentiality. Routine work can be pre-programmed or automated to negate the need for announcements or porters to return to a central hub.

Scalable Solutions:  Easily incorporate other departmental tasks include Domestics, Estates, and Maintenance teams; in fact anything where tasks need to be managed. Additional features can be added to systems such as lone worker protection, automatic ‘person down’ / emergency alarm, remote alarm panel monitoring and tracking of assets such as wheel-chairs, drip-stands etc.

Instant access to full management data and trend analysis is invaluable for efficient resource planning. With each task-management system we’ve deployed, we have seen a huge improvement for requestors who no longer have to wait on busy lines or chase for updates. Not only do the requestors benefit but so do the porters by being provided with clear written instructions, easy to use interfaces, logical job schedules and clear records for them to follow. Patients see the added benefit of a sleek, confidential and efficient service. The system provides a full end-to-end solution for all task management needs.

Here at Pennine, we have over 40 years experience in providing business critical communications systems.  We would be delighted to provide you a demonstration of our Eportering and task management solution. To learn more about our digital E-Portering solution or request a demo visit: