Microwave Links & Point to Point Connectivity

Microwave Link

Microwave links

Networks utilising microwave links, Point to Point and Point to Multipoint infrastructure overcome the challenge of having connectivity within your service areas or across remote sites.

Microwave links are used where fixed point to point (PTP) requirements exist and are an effective alternative to expensive and often unreliable leased lines. Legacy services such as E1 through to 10Gbps Ethernet services are all supported over distances of a few hundred meters or up to tens of kilometres making this the ideal solution for bandwidth-intensive technology such as VoIP, data and video. Being highly reliable & resilient, microwave links provide effective connectivity for government department, utility and energy companies, education campuses, corporate organisations

Using a point to point microwave link as part of your wide area network (WAN) has many benefits, it’s completely private, reliable and robust, but that’s not all …

High performance

Microwave links deliver VoIP, data and video across your entire network and remote areas

Bring your teams together and keep them connected

Secure connectivity

Whether it’s VoIP, data or video, you can be assured it is safely transmitting across your network

Have peace of mind in the knowledge that your corproate data won’t be compromised

Rapid ROI

Microwave links connect via signals transmitted through the air and therefore do not incur ongoing rental costs

Simplify and streamline your costs by adopting microwave links to connect your buildings

Swift deployment

The speed and simplicity of microwave deployments compared to the wired alternatives is markedly better.

Leased lines can take up to three months whereas microwave links can be deployed within a week.


A microwave link can deliver incremental bandwidths, increase your bandwidth as and when a company’s communication needs grow

Microwave links provide the flexibility for growth with increased bandwidth and equipment can be moved to accommodate business relocation.

VoIP Ready

Point to point links offer quality of service (QoS) so that they will always prioritise voice traffic over data across locations

Rest assured that your VoIP calls will be crystal clear when transmitted over point to point links

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