Two way radio for industry, commerce, private and public sectors

Over more than 40 years PennineRadio has delivered two way radio solutions to an impressively diverse range of clients, providing effective business radio communication across a broad spectrum of public and private sector environments.

Our extensive experience means we can tackle the most challenging environments, including those with explosive atmospheres, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulated sites or requiring dust or waterproofed two way radio packages.

Construction & Civil Engineering

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Builders, civil engineers, scaffolders and other construction trade personnel work on sites that can present many communication challenges. They may be sprawling, open to the elements and present particular health and safety issues. Provision of clear and effective site-wide coverage is essential as is the provision of sturdy handheld two way radios that can withstand the weather and the workplace.

Leisure & Sports

Busy stadia and leisure venues rely on robust two way radio communications for effective crowd control and the efficient management of support services such as catering, cleaning and parking supervision.

Hotel & Hospitality 

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Delivering the highest standards of service to ever-demanding residents requires effective communication. Two way radio helps simplify the allocation and monitoring of housekeeping tasks and speed response to client requests and incidents requiring security or management intervention.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing communications solutions require careful specification and design to overcome challenges often presented by the operation of noisy equipment, the potential presence of dust or liquids, high or low temperatures and explosive atmospheres. Pennine is experienced in delivering bespoke, innovative and effective two way radio packages which help enhance health, safety, security and productivity.

Nuclear Industry

Pennine is among a select few two way radio specialists with experience in the nuclear industry, an impressively safety conscious sector in which the provision of highly resilient and reliable radio communications is essential. Providing them requires considerable expertise given the challenges presented by the use of reinforced steel and thick concrete in site infrastructure.

 Petrochemical IndustryMotorola outdoor engineers web

Whilst a broad industry encompassing detergent, dye, fertiliser, paint, plastic rubber manufacture and more, those working with petrochemicals are united in their need for effective and safe communications. Safety is critical with two way radios which emit minimal electrical energy vital for operation within explosive atmospheres created through the presence of combustible dust or flammables gases, mists or vapours. Pennine is highly experienced in the provision of specialist radio solutions for use in such ATEX regulated environments.

Utility Industry

Provision of uninterrupted and high quality electricity, gas, water and waste treatment services, requires efficient management underpinned by effective communications. The hugely diverse environments in which utility company staff work – from compact confined spaces to rolling fields – requires proficiency in an equally diverse range of two way radio and associated technologies. Thanks to decades of experience, Pennine is expert in the provision of standalone and integrated radio communication solution for the utilities industry