ATEX & IP Rated Radios

Workman in hard hat, high-vis outfit, gloves, ear-muffs and goggles uses his Hytera PD795Ex two way radio

Radios for safety critical environments

As one of the UK’s longest established business radio specialists Pennine offer extensive expertise in Ingress Protection (IP) rated and ATEX certified two way radio solutions.

Our expertise is grounded in decades of field experience. Our engineers are reassuringly accomplished in the design and delivery of ATEX compliant radio systems for use in explosive atmospheres. These include radio communications systems suited to safety-critical sites such as petrochemical plants, gas installations and other potentially explosive environments.

Similarly we offer unrivalled capabilities in the provision of IP rated radio solutions to serve sites where the presence of atmospheric dust or moisture might otherwise threaten effective communications.

IP radios are double digit rated according to the levels of defence they offer against both solids and water. The first digit refers to the strength of dust protection (rated up to 6), the second to moisture (rated up to 8).

IP Rated Two Way Radios

IP54 rated two way radios

Dustproof and protect against water splashing

IP54 rated two way radios are dustproof and protect against water splashing from any direction. Dustproofing means that dust may still enter but not interfere with radio operation

IP57 rated two way radios

Greater protection against water

IP57 rated two way radios offer greater protection against water, remaining watertight for 30 minutes when immersed in up to 1m of water

IP66 rated two-way radios

Higher level of dust protection

IP66 rated two-way radios offer a higher level of dust protection – being ‘dust tight’ – coupled with the ability to withstand water jets produced from any direction by a 12.5mm nozzle. Dust tight means no dust can penetrate the radio.

IP67 rated two way radios

Dust tight and water tight

IP67 rated two way radios are both dust tight and watertight for up to 30 minutes when submerged in water up to 1m deep.

IP68 rated two way radios

Water tight when immersed beyond 1m

IP68 rated two way radios remain watertight when immersed in water beyond 1m in depth, as well as being dust tight.

Ingress by either solids or liquids

Designed to defend against one category

Sometimes radios are designed to defend against ingress by either solids or liquids, rather than both. Here an X denotes where protection is not offered. So a radio rated as IPX7 would offer waterproofing protection (when immersed up to 1m) but is not designed to prevent possible ingression by dust

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