Bristol Area Radio Net

Bristol area radio network

Bristol Area Radio Network

Use Bristol Area Radio Net to competitively extend coverage of your two way radio system or make use of our own commercial system.

Managed by our South West hub and with hilltop sites on Dundry Hill, Bristol Area Radio Net provides you with the option to either extend your radio coverage over the much wider area of Bristol, Bath, Cardiff and the surrounding areas as outlined on the map.

The Bristol Area Radio Net is a multi-channel Motorola Capacity Plus digital radio system, designed to be used on a shared basis by a large number of local users.

Pennine manage the infrastructure and licensing of the system, all you need to do is simply have two-way radios installed or use your own radios to get all the advantages of a modern wide area radio network:

Total privacy

Your communication channel is private meaning you don’t hear other users and they cannot hear you

Operating on Motorola Capacity Plus digital radio system, your communications are truly secure

Instant access to your group

Ability to communicate with all members of your team in one call

At the press of a button communicate with all members of your group throughout the coverage area

One-to-one private calls

Not all calls are meant for everyone

Not all your communications need to be shared with everyone in your group, Bristol Area Radio Net benefits from one-to-one call functionality.

Manage your costs

Our fixed pricing structure means you have no unexpected costs

Eliminate escalating mobile phone bills and use Bristol Area Radio Net and manage your costs instead of dealing with unexpected additional call charges

All inclusive

Available on fully inclusive rental terms based on a per day per vehicle rate

There are no call charges with Bristol Area Radio Net, all group and one to one radio calls are included in your daily rate

Cost-effective communications for vehicle fleets

Ideal for business with a fleet of vehicles such as skip companies, breakdown services, security, couriers

Stay in contact with your teams whilst they work across the Bristol, Bath, Cardiff and the surrounding areas

We’re here to support you every step of the way

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