Command & Control Radio Systems

Seated man in radio control rooms overlooks several screens showing live data and maps

Command and control radio systems

PennineRadio is the trusted choice when it comes to provision of reliable, resilient and effective command and control systems for communications critical environments.

We offer considerable experience and expertise in the design, implementation, servicing and maintenance of control room solutions to the emergency services, the NHS and a huge variety of private and public sector organisations. These include major utility companies, facilities management providers, transport and logistics operators, local authorities, and professionals in the safety and security sectors.

Embracing conventional, trunked, analogue, SIP and digital two way radio communications, we offer intelligently designed scalable multi-channel, multi-position command and control solutions which provide efficient management, monitoring and logging of despatches and incorporating other applications such as alarm and CCTV, access control and tannoy broadcasting. These can be delivered over LAN or WAN IP networks, trunks or conventional radio networks and cover both single and multiple sites.

The solutions PennineRadio provides can greatly enhance incident management with evidential voice, data and task recording providing extensive audit trails for analysis and comparison against Service Level Agreement indicators.

Typical Command & Control Radio Solutions


Command and Control Solution.

Hytera Smart One

One Command and Control solution.

Hytera Smart Air

Air Port Command and Control Solution.


Command and Control solutions.

TRBOnet Enterprise


TRBOnet Plus


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