Digital Trunked Two Way Radio

Two marine workers overlook the harbour while talking over a Motorola Two Way Radio

Solutions for single and multi-sited operations

A sophisticated digital trunked radio system allows you to maximise the efficient use of radio channels. They do so by dynamically distributing calls, automatically queuing and assigning according to real time channel availability, squeezing maximum value from available resource and, through their multi-channel functionality, enhancing security.

A radio trunking system is ideal for serving larger numbers of users, wide areas and multi-site operations, making it the primary choice of the emergency services and local authorities. Dynamic distribution delivers greater airtime efficiency, maximising availability of digital and data communication services whilst the ability to allocate priority status ensures key users have always-on access, even during peak demand.

Digital trunked two way radio can also offer enhanced capital cost efficiencies enhanced as systems may be integrated with existing infrastructure and operate on an open standard platform.

Digital Trunked Two Way Radio Solutions for single and multi-sited operations


Ip Site connect , XPT, XPT Multi site, DMR Tier III.


IP Site connect, Capacity Plus, Capacity Plus (Multi site), Capacity Max (DMR Tier III).

UC Gateway

The Pennine UC Gateway is a versatile appliance that allows you to integrate alarm panels to your existing radio system.





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