Multi-site two way radio

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Multi-site two way radio

Modern two way radio systems offer communication without constraint, with multi-site solutions that can be implemented within a single structure, wider complex or locations right across the globe.

They are particularly effective in providing clear and reliable communications within substantial buildings which, through magnitude, design and/or construction materials, can otherwise present challenges to signal quality.

A pioneer in the field, PennineRadio offers extensive experience in the creation of innovative and highly effective multi-site digital trunked and IP networked two way radio systems to serve large and disparate locations. This includes facilities within the nuclear and defence industries which, as well as offering structural challenges require particularly secure and dependable radio communications.

Typical Multi-Site Two Way Radio Solutions


IP Site connect , XPT, XPT Multi site, DMR Tier III


IP Site connect, Capacity Plus, Capacity Plus (Multi site), Capacity Max (DMR Tier III)


Digital WiFi radio licence-free communication system using standard wireless IP/WLAN network infrastructure





UC Gateway

The Pennine UC Gateway is a versatile appliance that allows you to integrate alarm panels to your existing radio system

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