Wide Area Two Way Radio

Motorola two-way radio

Sophisticated digital trunked solutions

With the latest digital two way radio technologies when it comes to geography, there are no limits.

Supported by expert advice from PennineRadio your organisation can benefit from a business radio system covering local, regional, national and international sites.

We offer extensive expertise in the design and installation of sophisticated digital trunked and IP networked radio solutions.

A wide-area two way radio solution might comprise a single radio infrastructure strategically located at height, or multiple infrastructures sited at various locations and which may not necessarily need to be linked to IP systems.

Typical Wide Area Network Radio Solutions


Conventional, Ip Site connect, XPT, XPT Multi site, DMR Tier III radio systems.


Conventional, IP Site connect, Capacity Plus, Capacity Plus (Multi site), Capacity Max (DMR Tier III).

UC Gateway

The Pennine UC Gateway is a versatile appliance that allows you to integrate alarm panels to your existing radio system.



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