Pennine travels to Russia to attend Neocom’s TRBOnet Solutions Fair

In July, Pennine’s two way radio staff took off to St. Petersburg, Russia, to attend the ‘TRBOnet Solutions Fair’ hosted by Neocom Software. With over 60 people attending from 6 different continents, the Solutions Fair has become a great platform for dealers and partners to share ideas, thoughts, and discuss the future trends in the growing digital-radio industry. The event proved a great opportunity to learn, present and meet fellow peers from across the world-stage.

The presentations covered the latest advancements in the TRBOnet’s MOTOTRBO dispatcher software, including improvements in telephone interconnect with support for call prioritisation, support for in-built tracking using iBeacons and improved telemetry alarm handling.

With 22 countries in attendance, Pennine was the only dealer at the event to represent the UK having become the first MOTOTRBO dealer in the UK back in 2008 due to our extensive experience and knowledge in radio engineering solutions.

Pennine was applauded for their recent commission to install a Motorola MOTOTRBO Capacity Max system at BAE Systems’ Submarines business at Barrow-in-Furness, with a world first deployment of Motorola’s latest digital radio system solution.

Congratulations to Neocom Software team for hosting an amazing event in such an amazing city. It was great to meet fellow dealers from across the world and share their ideas, insights and knowledge of this powerful digital-radio solution