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Connect,  Communicate & Collaborate with PennineUnified

In today’s hyper-connected, fast paced world, providing everyone across your business with a simple, effective and flexible way to instantly communicate can make the difference between simply doing business and excelling at it.

Our Unified Communications Solutions empower employees by delivering feature-rich, reliable and easy to use communications, regardless of whether they are working in the office, from home or on the road.

Our expertise is embraced by organisations of all sizes including SMEs, blue chip corporates, contact centres and a wide range of public and private sector organisations.

Unify your voice, email, mobility, presence & instant messaging, video and conferencing to deliver richer, more productive and responsive communications to unite staff and customers wherever they are – regardless of departmental, national or international borders.

Stay connected wherever you are.

By choosing a unified communications solution your staff will be equipped with the tools to transform any connected space into a hyper-efficient modern workplace. The benefits PennineUnified’s expertise can bring to your organisation include:

Everything in one place

Integrating voice, video, email and messaging.

Improving productivity

Providing staff with the right tools to do the job.

Remote teams

Work closer with improved collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Stay connected

Employees staying connected wherever they are using the device of their choice.

Save time, resource and cost

Bring your voice, video, email and messaging together.

Increasing responsiveness

Enhance customer relationships and service levels.


Voice remains integral to effective business communication

The ability to pick up the phone and speak to someone instantly is still seen by many as the preferred communication method. The Voice over IP (VoIP) technology powering modern business telephony solutions provides freedom and flexibility to delivery anywhere-anytime voice communications.


Easy to use, immediate delivery and supremely cost-effective

Email is a core communications tool enabling not simply messaging but the secure sharing of documents and the scheduling of both virtual and face-to-face meetings. It’s a medium that continues to transform both marketing and customer service experiences as well as internal communications.


Instantly confirm whether a colleague is available

As businesses embrace flexible working and seek to maximise productivity, communication ‘on the go’ is increasingly essential. Work is no longer the preserve of the office but extends to the workplace corridor, the home, hotel, coffee shop– wherever an employee happens to be. By incorporating smartphones, tablets and laptops into well-defined UC solutions, businesses liberate staff so they can phone, instant message or make a video call from a connected mobile device.

Presence & instant messaging

Allocate tasks using your radio network

Unified solutions’ ability to instantly confirm whether a colleague is available to speak, in a meeting or absent from work is much valued. By providing real-time availability status, presence technology enables users to select the most appropriate method of communication, with “free and available” perhaps implying a quick phone call, “absent from work” favouring email and “in a meeting” an instant message requesting a call back when free or simple yes/no response.

Conferencing & collaboration

Productive and efficient conferencing experience

The advent of UC solutions has seen conferencing get a whole lot cleverer. Whilst voice conferencing remains popular and effective, the latest technologies enable the sharing of documents and presentations which make for a more immersive, productive and efficient collaboration experience.


Quickly becoming integral to business communications

Increasingly cost-effective and simple to use, with multi-device solutions facilitating more frequent contact and minimising the need for and cost of travel. Even the most basic of today’s smartphones, laptops and tablets feature high definition cameras which can exploit business applications to deliver crystal clear video communications – at the touch of a button or screen.  Desktop and dedicated video-conferencing solutions add further functionality and quality.

Which solution is best for me – On-Premise, Hosted or Hybrid?

Depending on your organisation’s particular communication needs, you can choose from On-Premise UC solutions, hosted UC or a best-of-both-worlds hybrid UC solution…

On-Premise UC Solution

On-premise provides full control over a unified communications infrastructure

On-premise provides full control over a unified communications infrastructure. Exploiting existing on premise resources, such as virtual servers, allows you to install and secure full control over a UC solution, helping reduce costs and provide reassurance that all company data is kept within your organisation.

An on-premise option provides the flexibility synonymous with UC solutions coupled with high resilience and HA.


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Hosted UC Solutions

A hosted UC platform removes the burden of having to look after and maintain hardware on site

A hosted UC platform allows you to have the same UC features through a private or public cloud and removes the burden of having to manage and maintain hardware.

Offering the same flexibility of a hardwired infrastructure it provides great ease of use offering anywhere-anytime connectivity and businesses can swiftly scale up or down accordingly.


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Hybrid UC Solutions

Combine your on-premise and hosted UC solutions and get the best of both worlds

Hybrid deployments offer the best of both world, businesses with all the flexibility of a hosted solution, but with the storage and resilience delivered by on-premise infrastructure. Fully hosted solutions can constrain businesses to services offered by a hosted provider whereas a hybrid solution opens up capabilities for businesses to integrate with other 3rd party vendors.


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