A Day in the Life of a Successful UC user

Life on the road can be a drag … setting off for a meeting before everyone else is out of bed, stuck in traffic on the M6, left that customer file on your desk at work, up all night catching up on email…

Does this sound familiar?

Well, James works slightly differently, he uses the power of UC (Unified Communications) with Microsoft O365 to enable a less painful method of communication with colleagues and clients – read on to see how a typical day looks.

08.30 – James logs onto his laptop and goes through his emails, the business use Exchange online so he knows all the emails have been spam checked, filtered and are safe to read.

09.00 – in preparation for his first client meeting, he needs to chat with Helen in the office about their current user numbers – he sees Helen’s status is ‘Available’ so sends an IM and asks for her to check the customer file spreadsheet, Helen sees the message and opens the spreadsheet in Teams and makes some changes, James now has an up to date document and is ready for his first meeting.

09.30 – James wants to chat with his client who has recently acquired a new business – he knows the client is busy and time is of the essence but wants an informal and efficient way of keeping in touch and ensuring his records are up to date. The client knows about the meeting because James sent him an Outlook invite with a link to a Skype for Business meeting. James initiates video calling and the ‘face to face’ meeting occurs, he shows the client their current figures by sharing his desktop allowing the client to see what changes need to be made due to his new increased head count. The client is happy with this and James is now able to prepare a proposal for the new users.

Following the call James invites his customer to join his Teams virtual Team, as his customer is an O365 user he can access this as a ‘Guest’.  James’ client can now easily access, in real-time, his records.

11.30 – His second meeting at another customer’s site starts, he wants to show the client the final document but doesn’t have guest access to the Wi-Fi, no problem, he can open the document from One Drive (off line) and present it via the large screen in the boardroom.

14.00 – Having now arrived back at his office, James is ready for his final meeting of the day which is to discuss his projected sales forecast to his Sales Manager, the Operations Manager and the manufacturer. This is set in the boardroom; however the supplier is unable to attend the meeting due to car troubles. So as to not postpone this important meeting, James and the team present the figures on the screen and invite the supplier to access the presentation via a Skype for Business meeting, this way, even though the supplier doesn’t have an O365 subscription, he is still available to see the presentation in real time. The team agree on the figures and are happy with the points raised.

16.00 – Having completed three successful meetings, James now can respond to those emails that have been pinging their way to him throughout the day and is ready to leave for home in plenty of time to watch his son perform in the school play.

You too can work like this, want to know more? Watch our mobile UC worker video