The best of both worlds with Hybrid UC solutions

While a cloud-based solution is considered the more modern decision, may not always the best fit solution for your business and its’ Unified Communication (UC) needs. Investing in a new on-premise PBX requires capital expenditure and could involve lengthy roll-out times, by contrast relying on your existing, older infrastructure brings its own limitations – is it flexible and scalable enough to entertain business growth? Both choices have pros and cons. So which option should you choose? How do you get the benefits of a cloud-based UC solution whilst maximising your investment in your on-premise telephone system? The answer is simple: utilise both.

A hybrid UC option combines elements from both the cloud and on-premise solution. Labelled the ‘best of both worlds’, a hybrid UC solution delivers a high-quality connection, feature-rich applications, flexibility, scalability, and robust disaster recovery.

A hybrid UC solution doesn’t mean you’ll be using a mix and match of cloud and on-premise elements. Instead you’ll be utilising a seamless delivery between the two simultaneously. A hybrid approach can simplify delivery of cloud services to your workforce, so much so that they may be unaware that they are utilising elements from both the cloud and on-premise. It is the ideal way to take the first steps into the cloud, making the most of your infrastructure investment whilst maintaining the competitive edge and benefiting from the latest UC solutions.


Hybrid UC solutions excel where satellite offices or remote workers are involved. Calls from one office to another can go through the hybrid PBX negating any long-distance charges. It allows for temporary locations or additional users to be added quickly without the need to install additional phone lines. All users can have access to relevant data and latest apps, regardless of their location, increasing collaboration between users and productivity.

Disaster Recovery

Communications between customers and staff are crucial to keeping any business running smoothly. By combining your on-site PBX server with a cloud based PBX system you have peace of mind that should your on-site server malfunction, you have a back-up plan which continues to keep your business functioning.

First steps to Cloud

Many organisations take their first steps into the cloud with a hybrid approach. It relieves pressures on IT staff allowing them to maintain control of certain systems while allowing others (such as email) to be delivered via the cloud. Some organisations wish to maximise the longevity of investments in their existing PBX but require more flexibility or scalability due to seasonal expansion or organic growth. Others simply want to provide their workers with the best tools and apps to increase both productivity and improve their customer service levels without large capital outlay.

At Pennine our unique expertise and over 40 years in the communications field means we are able to offer a hybrid UC solution that incorporates all your UC and Cloud needs to take your business forward. To arrange a demo or request more information please contact us on 0161 763 2000 or email: