How Cloud or Hosted Telephony could benefit your business

‘The Cloud’ is a term we are beginning to see more and more of everyday but what does it really refer to and what does it mean for business and Hosted telephony?

‘Cloud’ or ‘Hosted’ basically refers to a solution or service that’s delivered over the internet. All the hardware and data is stored and routed to you over the internet. This is the same for services such as hosted phone systems (hosted PBX). Instead of having the physical hardware in your company’s office, it is all securely stored in a central data centre and accessed by you via your standard IP handset, softphone or mobile app. While the everyday user may not notice any difference from using a traditional PBX; Hosted or hybrid solutions can offer a number of cost, security and efficiency perks that can truly benefit a business.

What are the benefits of a Hosted telephony Solution?

A Hosted or hybrid solution offers a huge range of benefits to business, their users and their customers. While there are too many to list in one blog, each unique Hosted solution can deliver cost, security, collaboration and continuity benefits.

Foremost, a Hosted solution negates the need for a large initial hardware investment, and requires zero costly system maintenance or upgrade fees to futureproof your business – instead, the cost is a standard monthly fee that can be scaled up and down depending on your company’s needs. Pennine’s Hosted solution includes automatic software updates ensuring you always have access to the latest features and security including call-centre capabilities.

Perhaps most important benefit is the flexibility and scalability that a Hosted solution offers. A hosted solution allows you to manage periods of rapid growth or seasonal fluctuations by scaling your capacity up and down when required. Mobiles and other devices, including those of home and remote workers can easily be integrated increasing staff collaboration with built-in security, resilience, business continuity and on top of that you get 99.999% uptime and built-in failover as standard.

Hosted telephony offers businesses a wide range of options and flexibility and when fortified by Pennine’s expertise, best of breed, Avaya hosted and secure data centre you can have the peace of mind knowing your telephone solution is resilient, futureproof and scalable.

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