Your customers want to contact you in more ways than by phone

Having worked in the communications industry for 16 years, I’ve seen a steady change on how customers wish to connect with businesses. Traditionally it was predominantly voice calls in which customers would engage with businesses. Naturally these businesses wanted to ensure that calls were never left unanswered and were dealt with effectively and efficiently, if necessary also identifying where things could be improved. A Call Centre Solution offered that, providing supervisors and management with the necessary tools such as real time dashboards, wallboards, reporting and call recording. Over time and as technology has moved forward, the method in which customers wish to contact businesses has changed.

There is no disputing voice is still king with many people picking up the phone. Now however, other channels of communication have emerged and are continuing to grow – sending an email, filling in online forms, webchat, text messaging and social media all allow a customer to resolve an issue with an order, vent their frustration about the service they received, compliment an individual within a business on how well they performed etc.

What’s critical is that businesses are able to efficiently manage these services the same way they would a voice call. For instance, ensuring priority on an inbound email is as important as that of a voice call, or it may be that a business has VIP customers who pay a premium to ensure their queries are answered first.

A customer who Tweets in a complaint should surely trigger a flashing red light within a business – neglecting it could be disastrous, responding instantly and appropriately could get that customer back onside, and reassure the 100’s or even 1000’s of people who also read the Tweet.

These are some of the key benefits a multichannel contact centre could bring to a business, no matter how big or small – customers these days expect exceptional service and businesses need to ensure they have the relevant solutions in place to support this. At Pennine we have recognised this, not only as a solution we can provide to our customers, but as something we are integrating into our own business processes to ensure we provide our customers with that complete First-Class customer experience.

To find out more on how a contact centre solution could work for your business, please contact Andy Martin on 0161 763 2075