Connecting FC United With Stadium Wi-Fi

Back in May when we last visited FC United of Manchester, their new Broadhurst Park stadium hadn’t long been complete. With the start of a new season looming, the stadium Wi-Fi was being installed ready to connect football fans from pitch-side to ticket-office. Since then the Wi-Fi is up and running throughout the stadium in partnership with Pennine, and is helping fans, visitors, media and employees all stay connected.

We got a great chance to visit and film the club on a match-night and also interview some of the staff and volunteers at Broadhurst Park, getting an insight into how they use their new Wi-Fi and how it’s benefitting the way they interact with fans, and each other.

We met with General Manager, Andy Walsh who took us through the journey of the democratically-run club and FC United’s dedication to fans and community.

Next, Sophie Tierney-Kenyon, a fan and volunteer at the club told us about the close-knit relationship between fans (or ‘family’) of FC United, and how she felt the free Wi-Fi access set FC United apart from other clubs in the league and above.

Amanda Tudor, Business Development Manager explained that the access to the free Wi-Fi was growing, and was a great added bonus for conferences and staff who could access the Wi-Fi wherever they were within the 4000+ seater stadium.

Finally, Andy Walker, FC United’s Fundraiser and Press and Communications Officer told us about the importance of Wi-Fi access in allowing FC United to reach out to their impressive online following. He explained it was a great way to keep home and away fans up to-date. Even the press and media that FC United often hosts have commented on the usefulness and quality of the Wi-Fi access which allows them to update their social media and newsfeeds.

You can’t help be inspired by their belief and desire to be a community asset as well as a football club, a belief that is most definitely a reality now.