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Improve operations efficiency

A Powerful, Easy-to-Use Management Solution

Telecommunications managers face several challenges: supporting converged voice/video/data networks, handling rapidly growing network traffic, and guaranteeing secure information transfer. You need flexible, cost-effective IP communications management solutions that improve network reliability and ensure network security.

A true single point of entry

NEC’s MA4000 Management System is a centralised web-based management system for all communications servers. It seamlessly supports and manages the day-to-day tasks of all Communication Servers.

The MA4000 Management System provides a true single point of entry and will greatly reduce the amount of time and effort necessary to maintain your enterprise network.

Features and Components

Centralised administration and seamless integration: manage your entire network using web-based applications.

Powerful, intuitive tools for simplified management: evaluate the quality of service provided by a specific product or the overall performance of your network architecture and wireless infrastructure.

VoIP convergence: support Voice over IP (VoIP) infrastructure integration by continuously measuring and optimizing VoIP performance.

The MA4000’s proactive fault management stops network problems before they start. Faults are collected from all Voice Communication servers in real time.

Accounting: gain a global perspective on telecommunications expenses with automatic accounting reports.

Security: strengthen security using role-based access, embedded security agents, automatic encryption/authentication and redundancy solutions.

Wireless Infrastructure

On-site, Off-site & Multi-site wireless communications

Improve performance & control costs with Web-based monitoring and analysis

MA4000 Expense Management provides pro-active and policy-based solutions ranging from customer care to billing. It can handle all your voice calls including calls made via the Internet (VoIP) or cellular devices. You can set budgets for individuals, departments, projects, receive a warning when these are almost exceeded, and automatically restrict service class if a budget is exceeded. The MA4000 Expense Management bridges the gap between telecommunications and accounting. Expense Management defines the enterprise invoice management process steps, rules and data flow.

Significant Cost Savings

Save between 6 to 15% of telecommunications expenses caused by innocent billing errors that are not detected. Checking the invoices against the contracts and prices makes sure that “extras” are not being charged, and that all expenses can be accounted for.

Proactive and Policy-Based

By being pro-active, the MA4000 Expense Management makes sure that your communications system is operating within the limits that were set up by your policy. As the thresholds are exceeded, an exception alert is sent to the user incurring the exception. According to the policies, a set of priorities indicates what action to take.


The MA4000 Expense Management can accommodate virtually an unlimited number of remote sites, even dispersed around the world. All the sites could be viewed at a central location(s) from the web with proper authorisation. The administrator or IT Manager of large international corporations can monitor, control, and set limits on any or all the remote sites using the multi-language, multi-currency features.

Fully Scalable

The MA4000 Expense Management is built on a modular platform that enables easy scalability to meet your organisations specific needs.

User-Centric Converged Application

It the unique ability to analyse and manage communications usage by employee, as well as by device. Flexible organisational structures enable individuals to be associated with various groups, accounts, and hierarchies.

Fully Web-based Application

The MA4000 Expense Management utilises the latest technology including .NET Framework and SQL Server to provide a true best-of-breed solution. The system can be accessed from anywhere around the world, with just an Internet Explorer and an Internet connection.

Flexible Reporting

The MA4000 Expense Management collects and formats data into useful reports and graphs that can be analysed, providing conclusions to enhance your organisational efficiency. A wide variety of reports are provided which can be used as templates for creating additional user-defined or customised reports.

Integrated Network Security

Rest assured that the right people have access to the right information. The MA4000 Expense Management guarantees corporate security by authorising different levels of user-based application access. The network is also secure with an authentication database.

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