Skype for Business

Skype for Business

The Skype for Business Unified Communication (UC) platform provides organisations with the means to connect, communicate and collaborate with staff, customers, suppliers and business partners anywhere and from any device.

The user experience has the familiarity of Skype with the addition of enterprise security, management of employee accounts and compliance.

Whether you choose an on-premise, hosted or hybrid solution, your Skype for Business solution will ensure your staff can connect, communicate & collaborate.

Features of Skype for Business

Real Time Interaction

Connect with Instant Messaging and Presence

Skype for Business allows users to connect with their contacts effectively, with Presence providing real-time information on availability and Instant Message providing a rapid means of interaction.

Elevate the conversation

Communicate with Audio and Video conversations

Communicate with your contacts using PC to PC audio and video or call their landline or mobile directly from Skype for Business with PSTN Voice breakout in one click.


With PSTN breakout Skype for Business can replace your existing telephone system.

Immersively Interact

Collaborate with online meetings, content sharing and federation

With Skype for Business Conferencing you can organise conference calls and online meetings.  Online meetings provide the option for all parties to share content and collaborate with up to 250 meeting attendees.


Skype for Business Federation facilitates cross organisational communication with other organisations who use Lync or Skype for Business.  The provision of the full Skype for Business feature set means users can connect, communicate and collaborate efficiently and effectively with customers, suppliers and contractors enabling more sales and increased productivity.


Integration with the consumer version of Skype allows Skype for Business users to ‘federate’ with the 300 Million Skype users worldwide in much the same way as with federated Lync or Skype for Business organisations.

Familiar and Easy to use

‘Skype’ based user interface

A single, unified, application with a multitude of functions to connect, communicate and collaborate. The Skype for Business UI has been designed with users in mind, based on the familiar ‘consumer’ Skype interface for familiarity Skype for Business is highly intuitive helping to improve the rate and ease of adoption.


Skype for Business is tightly integrated into the Microsoft Office suite and beyond allowing you to:


– Book Skype for Business meetings directly from your Outlook calendar

– Access Skype for Business functionality in Word and Excel

– Respond to email with a real-time IM or voice call

– Integrate with Salesforce amongst other applications

Flexible and Device Agnostic

Anywhere access across multiple platforms and end points

With Skype for Business you have the ability to connect, communicate and collaborate from any location, truly enabling a flexible workforce.


Skype for Business is available on Windows and Mac PC opertaing systems as well as Windows, Android and iOS mobile platforms giving organisations and users the power of choice when consuming the service.


With a whole host of end point devices available ranging from optimised headsets and desk phones to conference phones and video conferencing units, Skype for Business covers every use case scenario with the power of choice for the end user.

Cost Savings and Other Benefits

Tangible and non-tangible benefits

Skype for Business helps organisations make tangible cost savings by providing a true Unified Communication solution, a single application and provider for telecoms, conferencing and internal comms.


Savings can be made on voice traffic, with calls being carried over IP (VoIP) and SIP, calls become either free of charge or at a much reduced rate, mobile bills can also be reduced with the use of mobile applications to carry voice traffic over the data network or Wifi.


More cost effective end points (headsets especially) mean the TCO of a Skype for Business solution is generally lower than that of a traditional solution.


Skype for Business also has benefits that are less tangible.  The single application could reduce the IT team’s workload by eliminating disperate solutions which Skype for Business combines.


Reduced travel, facilitated by video conferencing, and greater flexibilty, provided by anywhere access, provides for a better work/life balance for employees and attracts talent.

Why Pennine?

Exceptional customer loyalty

High level of service with many of our clients taking advantage of our ability to handle a broad range of business communication requirements to offer standalone and integrated solutions which benefit from an extensive range of support services, including 24/7/365 packages available.

We take pride in what we do

We provide our staff with extensive training and development support to ensure that the expertise of our experienced engineers underpins every solution we provide.

We offer an impressive trading pedigree

With over 40 years’ experience in business communications and, as a Skype for Business partner, are a trusted supplier offering UC expertise backed by a commitment to always delivering the highest standards of service excellence.

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