Pennine Project Enablement Process (PPEP)

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Pennine offers proven expertise in the design, deployment and support of Skype for Business and Office 365 to UK SMEs and corporates.

Pennine’s Project Enablement Process (PPEP) is aligned to the Microsoft’s FastTrack Guidance for Cloud Voice which has been carefully designed to aid the implementation and management of a reliable, cost-effective communications service based on Skype for Business and Office 365. It covers the entire customer lifecycle, including planning, delivery, adoption, operations and migrations and provides a comprehensive guide, methodology and toolset to all Skype for Business deployments.

Pennine will assess both your current and anticipated future requirements in order to determine the most effective path to Skype for Business.  Our versatility allows us to support all types of Skype for Business deployments, be that a fully cloud based, hybrid (utilising cloud and on-premise) or fully on-premise solution.  Our experience in telecoms and unified communications also allows us deploy Skype for Business solutions that fully integrate with your existing telephony infrastructure using Microsoft Cloud Connector Edition (CCE).

We understand that all businesses are different and one solution does not fit all.  The PPEP methodology helps to highlight these bespoke requirements, it provides the key information that ensures we design and deploy intelligent, integrated solutions which draw upon the combined power of our voice, data and networking specialisms.

This is a unique capability. It frees businesses from platform constraints so you can introduce highly creative, secure, compliant and productive solutions allowing you to better connect, communicate and collaborate.

Our expertise in all aspects of communication and consultative approach ensures Pennine can provide support on many other aspects of your Skype for Business deployment.

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Why Pennine?

By equipping our clients with intelligent voice, data and networking solutions we enable them to better connect, communicate and collaborate.

Integrated Solutions

Our specialisms embrace Unified Communications; business telephony solutions, video conferencing, business mobiles, UC endpoint provision and configuration, two-way radio, networking, Wi-Fi and IT services (on premise and cloud based services and support).

Embrace Unified Communications

This vast range of expertise places us in the unique position of being able to cater for almost any requirement to provide an end to end Office 365 solution from connectivity and networking, to cross platform integration, roll out, training and adoption, AND to be able to support it all.

Specialist Expertise

As a leading data, networking and communications business embracing several specialist teams, Pennine offers a broad spectrum of standalone and integrated services, including system specification, design, implementation, maintenance and technical support.

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