How Can We Support You?

Complete business communications systems.

We recognise that businesses and the communication technologies they rely on create differing support needs.

One size does not fit all which is why we offer you a wide choice of maintenance and support packages. If you require only weekday, office hours support we have a package as we do if your organisation demands full 24/7/365 cover to optimise operational integrity and critical business continuity.

Our services include pre-planned maintenance through to hot desk troubleshooting so that you can reduce downtime, maximise efficiency and concentrate upon the effective management of your organisation.

Customer Access for Support

You can access our maintenance and support services by telephone or email. E-mail with your details.

Our support packages

Hours of cover Period of cover
Support Packages 0830 - 1700 0830 - 2200 24 hours Mon - Fri Mon - Sat Mon - Sun
Avoira Assist 1
Avoira Assist 2
Avoira Assist 3
Avoira Assist 4
Avoira Assist 5
Avoira Assist 6
Avoira Assist 7
Avoira Assist 8
Avoira Assist 9

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