Voice Analytics

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Artificial Intelligence Emotional Voice Analytics Drives Performance Improvement

Our cloud-based Voice Analytics solution is ideal for contact centres and contributes to effective contact centre performance management by providing objective-led, consistent and valuable insights for each call.

Not only does the software automatically process 100% of customer interactions, it’s powerful in-built Artificial intelligence detects different emotions as well as speech, music and void periods.

Proven to help improve customer satisfaction by detecting displeased, uncertain, disappointed or happy parts of conversations, it provides statistics revealing opportunities to streamline processes and eliminate unnecessary on-hold or void times resulting in reducing average call times, improved performance and more satisfied customers.

Emotional Voice Analytics Delivers Proven Return on Investment

ROI on average 

Increased customer retention 

More effective inbound sales 

Reduce authority issues by spotting critical calls 

Features of Voice Analytics

Increase Customer Retentions

Manage the quality of customer call handling

Start retention workflows by filtering out the most displeased customers. Respond and react promptly to displeased customers to improve both customer retention and customer handling.

Reduce agent turnover

Train and coach with transparent feedback

Increase loyalty and give better training of contact centre agents by providing them with transparent and objective feedback to enhance their coaching and performance. Use regular reports and automated suggestions to keep them well-trained and maintain consistent quality management.

Raise call handling efficiencies

Reduce average call times and answer more calls

Identify unnecessary music and void times during call handling. Understand the root cause and implement action to minimise the instances whilst reducing average call times and increasing call handling quality levels. Track each agent to monitor differences and identify best practice within the team.

Identify mishandled calls

Reduce potential legal cases arising from badly handled calls

Use keyword and emotion filters to locate call disputes and threatening calls that could end up as legal cases. Identify the calls and respond pro-actively by calling back the customer and managing the situation before it escalates.

Increase sales conversion rate

Share successful selling techniques

Increase sales conversion rates by identifying successful and unsuccessful sales techniques by analysing different speech styles, monitoring keywords and emotional interaction. Share successes with the team by providing meaningful metrics to maximse successful sales calls.

Automated agent calling

Raise efficiencies with automated feedback on key metrics

Provide a transparent analysis of each agents progress and key metrics. Highlight areas of expertise, personal development and training requirements. Identify your star performers and those who require additional coaching.

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