Xdroid AI-driven Real-time Voice Analytics

Xdroid delivers real-time emotional detection

If customer retention and acquisition lies at the heart of your business, then a fluent customer experience (CX) is essential to achieve these goals. This interaction between your call centre agents and customers has to match their expectations, with your front-line agents being capable of delivering a first-class service at all times.

Xdroid delivers real-time emotional detection as part of its comprehensive call centre analytics offering, which includes emotion analysis, keyword detection, and semantic capabilities, that reveal opportunities to improve customer experience, enhance agent productivity, ensure PCI and other legislative compliance, and improve agent retention.

This 360 degree view of your call traffic is driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning software, that processes 100% of customer interactions to automatically provide objective, consistent, and valuable insights and information about each conversation.

In essence, you can discover and influence exactly how your business is perceived, and how your employees perform against KPIs.

Xdroid Voice Analytics:

Commercial and Operational Benefits

For the Board / Directors

  • Improve customer retention
  • Boost sales
  • Enhance staff well-being
  • A platform for growth

For Quality Assurance

  • Maintain customer satisfaction
  • Ensure SLAs achieved
  • PCI Compliance

For HR

  • Enhance staff well-being
  • Reduce agent turnover
  • Agent performance tool

For Sales

  • Boost sales
  • Monitor performance
  • Flexible sales tool

For Operations

  • Ensure SLAs achieved
  • PCI Compliance

For Marketing

  • Monitor performance
  • Measure ROI for activity

The Solutions


Improve call centre performance management with speech and emotion recognition, real-time analytics, CRM integration, TNPS prediction and machine learning.


Automatically analyse any quantity of text with human level accuracy. Identify the main topics and patterns, quantify main opinions and analyse targeted questions.


Advise agents real-time on speech styles, emotions, and compliance. Trigger automated links to content, calendar scheduling and script advise. Provide alerts on the risk of losing a client, upsell opportunities and overall performance of agents.

Emotional Voice Analytics Delivers Proven Return on Investment


ROI on average


Increased customer retention


More effective inbound sales


Reduce authority issues by spotting critical calls

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