Knowledge, friendly support, and first-call resolution are the primary influencers for a positive brand experience when customers contact a business.

Xdroid’s OperatorAssist turns contact centres into an action-driven instrument, using the real-time Voice and EmotionAnalytics solutions to capture, analyse, and recommend courses of action – all done in just a fraction of a second!

Agents can be advised on meeting their compliance, tracking customer emotion, receive pop-ups with relevant information, automatically schedule a follow-up call if needed, and can wrap-up with an automatically generated call transcript.

Having this capability increases both the confidence-level and the overall call quality of agents and the AI algorithms support the engine so it can advise agents with selecting the most appropriate sales scripts or keywords – using information gathered from emotions, keywords, data from past conversations, and data from 3rd party systems (e.g., CRM) to provide personalised assistance in each call.

Why Avoira?

Over 40 years experience

We are proud of our experience and accredited engineering team that enables u to work with our clients as their trusted partners offering unified communication and collaboration solutions fit for the modern workplace.

Consultative approach

We take the time to understand your business objectives and challenges to ensure our recommendations meet your company-wide needs and requirements. Our solutions embrace new ways of working.

Work smarter

Get teams collaborating across your business and remove departmental silos by providing the means to work from anywhere on any device. Bring your remote workers together so they are  part of the conversation.

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