With TextAnalytics integrated into Xdroid’s VoiceAnalytics platform, contact centres can get a 360-degree customer view coming from any communication channel. An agent can be assigned to either text or voice analytics or both solutions.

The AI-driven software analyses text from emails, chats, social media interactions, reviews, surveys and Net Promoter Score comments by automatically recognizing the positive and negative meaning of phrases and summarizing the answers’ key topics and hidden patterns with near human-level precision.

Text capabilities are added to the speech-to-text functions and real-time alerts; this gives a new angle to emotion analytics: true emotion detection is based on speech markers rather than keywords, but TextAnalytics combines both for an even higher accuracy.


Customers today, want to be able to use the communication channel of their choice to communicate to their brands or service providers, and even though today telephony and email are still on the top of that list, other channels like web chat and text messages are on the rise as well. Hence, the contact centre of today is an Omni-Channel contact centre.

Preferred Communications Channel

61% Phone 60% E-mail 57% Live Chat 51% OnlineKnowledge base 34% Click to Call
Source: LiveChat inc

Xdroid’s TextAnalytics reviews the content of the email to extract key topics, places, brands and persons in addition to the sentiment of the email through identification and analysis of positive and negative words, phrases and opinions.

It also allows users to define rules for routing emails to particular mailboxes using a combination of criteria for the various elements of the TextAnalytics results. This way, an email that has a very negative overall opinion score and contains the words “cancel and contract” can be immediately forwarded to the team that handles complaints, while a simple positive “Thank you” email does not need any further processing.

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