Xdroid’s VoiceAnalytics solution is an Automated Performance Management platform for contact centres based upon speech and True Emotion Analytics. It uses machine learning and AI capabilities in combination with CRM and NPS data to give a deep insight into the quality and performance of the contact centre as a whole, as well as of individual agents. In addition, it is an effective commercial asset for customer retention.

By analysing speech blocks of a few seconds, and when an emotion different than neutral is detected, the system puts this emotion into one of four possible categories; happy, disappointed, displeased or uncertain and assigns a value to it.

The tone of voice, volume, articulation, and speed are also taken into account, so the larger the value, the stronger the emotion, with thresholds that can be defined to adapt to cultural differences in the way people express themselves.

Every speech block of the conversation yields a so-called overall Emotion Index for the complete call. The Emotion Index allows for ranking these calls from a high to a low displeased Emotion Index. This way the score of a call can be compared to the average value across all calls of the contact centre, or to the individual operator’s score to the group average etc.

Some of the Voice Analytics benefits

  • Increase Customer Retentions
    Manage the quality of customer call handling
  • Reduce agent turnover
    Train and coach with transparent feedback
  • Raise call handling efficiencies
    Reduce average call times and answer more calls
  • Identify mishandled calls
    Reduce potential legal cases arising from badly handled calls
  • Increase sales conversion rate
    Share successful selling techniques
  • Automated agent calling
    Raise efficiencies with automated feedback on key metrics

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